“Like the wind pushing a sailboat, there is a force that insists we improve as leaders and persons.”
Orlando Blake, PhD, CPT


Since 1993 we have worked with organizations and individuals to improve relationships, decision-making, expand thinking, and create a positive workplace environment. What we have learned and what our successful clients have learned is to use methods to take advantage of personal style and human nature. Why Hire the Blake Group?

Mediation & Resolving Differences

Mediation & Facilitation resolves over 90% of conflicts voluntarily and agreements are often reached within a few hours, at a fraction of the cost of legal fees. Mediation helps parties let go of their conflicts, reconcile, work better as a team, and get on with their lives. More »

Leaders Path Executive Coaching

The Leader’s Path process focuses on who the person is and who they want to become. Our process is supportive and provides timely feedback directed toward goal attainment. This allows the client to grow and excel, build on his or her own strengths and resources. More »


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